Switching to Eagle shelves? It’s an Easy Adjustment.

Unless all the items you keep on shelves are exactly the same size and shape, at times you’ll need to reconfigure your shelving. This is often a major headache, requiring complete disassembly of one or more shelving systems.

You probably can guess where we’re going with this.

With Quad-Adjust Wire Shelving, there are just two simple steps per post, and then you’re ready to place your shelf at the desired height. Boom, you’re done. No need to disassemble. Plus, removing a shelf is just as easy. Quad-Adjust is the easiest to adjust shelf out there — perfect for commercial kitchens, dry storage, cooler shelving and high density shelving applications.

Quad-Adjust features

  • Unique interlocking corners that fit in slots of collars mounted to split sleeves
  • Holds the same weight capacity as a standard shelf
  • Interchangeable with Metro, and many import shelves
  • Patented Quad-Truss®  shelves for increased strength and durability
  • Tapered split sleeves create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load increases
  • Posts are numbered in increments of 1˝ (25mm) to ensure fast and level assembly
  • Comes with leveling feet to help compensate for uneven floor surfaces
  • Available in EAGLEbrite® zinc, chrome, Valu-Master® grey epoxy, Valu-Gard® green epoxy, EAGLEgard® green epoxy with MICROGARD®, stainless steel
  • Custom colors available