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Eagle MHC manufactures a wide range of products for the material handling, healthcare, life sciences, cleanroom and laboratory industries, including wire shelving and carts, stainless steel worktables, stainless steel cleanroom equipment, stainless steel inset casework, storage and transport for materials management and healthcare, stainless steel sinks, hand sinks, wall shelves and custom fabrication. Eagle’s product line also includes a wide range of sink products for the wholesale plumbing industry including hand sinks, drop in sinks, scullery sinks, mop sinks and sink accessories.

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Eagle MHC is successful because of the support of our customers. Providing them with quality products and exceptional service is why they keep coming back to Eagle. Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

Eagle and their sales team are the single best vendor we work with. They are extremely responsive to questions, quote requests and order updates. They have excellent customer service and provide our orders in a timely and well communicated manner. Their ability to supply the custom products we require is a huge benefit. Best of all, they are always willing to expedite orders to the best of their ability to satisfy the deadlines of our mutual customers.

Jereme O.

VP, Sales & Customer Relations

I have been a customer of Eagle for years. Their product is excellent and the customer service is the best bar none.

Lily A.

Sales Manager

The people at Eagle are a pleasure to work with. They respond to my request in a timely matter and are always Eagle’s staff are always courteous and usually respond to my simpler requests the same day if not within the hour. Working heavily with their Quotes team, I must say they are very knowledgeable of their products and resourceful to offer solutions. I have been specifying Eagle products for over 22 years. Eagle is my Go-To line on anything stainless steel or wire cart related.

Janice K.

Interior Designer

The people at Eagle are a pleasure to work with. They respond to my request in a timely matter and are always professional. They are my go-to for stainless steel casework and countertops!

Brian M.

Estimating Manager

Eagle is one the best vendors we work with. They always respond quickly to pricing and product requests, their quality is excellent and they are willing to do whatever it takes to insure a successful project. It’s always a breath of fresh air working with their team.

Jason O.

Pre-Construction Manager

Eagle is the most responsive supplier that I work with. They respond to quote requests with lightning speed. In this day & age, quick response to our customers is critical in order to win the business. Eagle has a similar philosophy and I believe it’s a win-win for both of us. Eagle is willing to engage with our customers directly to help us with answers to their technical questions & concerns. This really has helped me close business that I would not otherwise.

Besides the above, product quality and pricing are the best!

Jim D.

Market Specialist

Eagle provides great products with excellent customer service. Whenever I have to contact them I always receive prompt responses and good support.

Ryan H.

Sales Representative

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Eagle Group on a multitude of projects across the country.  The products that they fabricate are flawless and hold up to their form/function well over time across a host of environments (clean room laboratories, water treatment laboratories, etc.).  Investing your potential projects with Eagle will be well your time and you will be summarily pleased with the outcome.

Chris M.


In my 20 years of casework experience, 10 of which I have worked directly with Eagle, the friendly responsiveness and knowledgeable interactions with Eagle have truly pleased me on all fronts. I feel in working with Eagle I gain a wealth of strength to my team helping me better serve my clients. SpecFAB project management is superb. From quick responses in email to conversations for understanding. Eagles product line is also commendable in not only its standard format but in its overall flexibility helping me meet all the needs I see come up. I highly recommend Eagle be your go to for Stainless needs as it is mine.

Brian H.


I appreciate the responsive, professional customer support and excellent product quality we have come to rely upon from Eagle.

Arne C.

Vice President of Sales

Eagle Group is an organization brimming with professional and proficient staff, that always exceeds expectations in regards to customer service and competitive pricing. Their ability to offer such a wide array of USA made products also catapults them to the top of their industry, particularly in this challenging and volatile market. We hold our decade long relationship with Eagle Group, in highest esteem, and look forward to working together, for another successful decade.

Patricia B.


Eagle is always quick to respond, detailed in their quoting, and easy to ask questions of. Their responses are clear and concise. Their technical drawings are easy to read and verify. I can always trust Josh and his team to get me a quote quickly and efficiently. We love Eagle!

Kristin A.


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