Warranty Information

General Warranty Terms

• Warranty does not cover any cost associated with maintenance, misuse, abuse, or improper installation.
• Warranty applies in the contiguous United States only.
• Eagle will cover mileage up to 2 hrs or 100 miles round trip up to a maximum of $150.00 for approved warranty work, any overage is a customer responsibility.
• Any warranty work must be authorized by Eagle’s service department before the repair appointment.
• The cost of warranty work cannot exceed the cost of the original item.
• Warranty does not cover items purchased as excess, seconds, or closeout inventory.
• Repair parts will be sent on ground transportation, air options available at customer expense.
• All purchases made by the Buyer from the Seller are subject to the seller’s warranty and return policy.

Click on the cover image to download Full Eagle MHC Warranty

To Obtain Service Under Eagle Warranty:

  1. Email our service department at service@eaglegrp.com

2. Include with email the following information:
a. Date of purchase and installation
b. Proof of purchase (copy of the original dated invoice)
c. Description of nature of the defect
d. Model number, serial number, or description of model or component part.
e. Photographs if applicable.

3. Wait for disposition from our service team.

Service work performed without Eagle approval will not be covered.