Snap-N-Slide Wall Shelves – Shelves where you want them. Even if the wall studs aren’t.

Putting up shelving? No longer are you at the mercy of your wall studs’ location. Thanks to the patented design of Eagle Snap-n- Slide Shelving, shelves simply slide over to the desired position.

Sure, assuming you don’t want to use hollow wall supports, you still have to mount the brackets wherethe wall studs are; but once you snap the Snap-n- Slide shelf into place, it easily slides over to where you want it! You have the freedom to position the shelves anywhere on the brackets, and adjust them when needed, without the need for wall blocking or fasteners. In fact, no tools are required to attach shelves to wall brackets.

Plus, there’s no compromising on sturdiness. Snap-n- Slide Shelving features heavy gauge stainless steel construction, and is available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, the largest of which can safely hold 270 pounds.

Snap-n- Slide also offers wire shelving options:

• EAGLEgard Wire Wall Shelves with MICROGARD antimicrobial protection.

• Chrome Snap-n- Slide wire wall shelving.

• Valu-Gard® Snap-n- Slide wire wall shelving in green epoxy finish.

• Valu-Master® Snap-n- Slide wire wall shelving in grey epoxy finish.