Eagle Group Wire Shelving Starter Units

Eagle Group wire shelving has a Patented QuadTruss® design, with mat wires welded to a four-truss assembly on front and back, and a three-truss assembly on each end. Below are just a few reasons why Eagle Group wire shelving is the way to go:

  • Patented QuadTruss® design (patent #5,390,803) makes EAGLE shelves up to 25% stronger and provides a retaining ledge for increased storage stability and product retention.
  • Assembly: numerically calibrated grooved posts, tapered plastic split sleeves and shelf collars combine to make shelving assembly a simple two-step exercise:
    1. Snap the split sleeves onto a post over the number of your choice; and
    2. Slide a shelf collar over the split sleeves. A positive lock be tween shelf and post is created without the use of any tools.
  • Open-wire construction promotes higher visibility, allows light to pass through the shelves, permits greater air circulation which helps reduce moisture and dust build-up, and increases the effective ness of fire-suppression systems.
  • Tapered split sleeves of high-temperature-resistant ABS plastic create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load increases.
  • Posts are numbered in increments of 1″ to ensure fast and level assembly.