Wall Mounted Cabinets

wallcabt_rgbCabinets are constructed as wall supported, individual units with finished sides. Body, frame, and top are heavy gauge 300 Series stainless steel construction. Hinged or sliding doors, solid or with 1/4˝-thick tempered glass inserts.




Design and Construction Features
• 300 Series stainless steel construction.
• Top is sloped for­ward to help reduce dust build-up.
• Two or three stationary shelves feature safety edges. Ad­di­tion­al shelves can be specified and are fac­to­ry installed.
• Ends, back and bottom are folded and spot-welded together. All fea­ture safety edges.
• Back features full-length concealed mounting plate and keyholes for easy installation.
• Sliding doors feature recessed type handles. Hinged doors feature wire type pulls.

• Additional shelves
• Adjustable shelves
• Flat Top
• Custom configurations