The widest range of clean in the industry

Let the industry’s clean leader help by giving you the widest range of hand sink choices. With over 40 models to choose from and a wide array of configurations and accessories, you’ll find a solution for every application.

Why Choose Eagle Handsinks?  Here’s the Eagle Advantage:

Positive Drain Bowl Design

We offer the industry’s only deep-drawn positive-drain bowl, assuring complete drainage and meeting even the most stringent health code requirements.

Exclusive MicroGARD® Protection adds another level of protection

Many of our hand sinks are available with our exclusive MicroGARD® option. The MicroGARD® antimicrobial finish is an antimicrobial agent which contains built-in protection to retard the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew on surfaces that causes stains, odors and degradation. Eagle’s MicroGard® combines inorganic antimicrobial silver ions with a patented delivery system. The silver ions react with bacteria in three ways:
1) suffocates the cell, 2) stops the cell reproduction system, and 3) stops the cell from growing.
Our inorganic compound is guaranteed to work for life.

Over 40 Models Available

Eagle offers sink configurations and models that make your hand-washing stations more convenient and accessible by integrating them into your food-prep sequence. In fact, the  breadth of our selection and the quality of our sinks make ours the most specified hand sinks in the industry.

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