QuadPlus® Polymer Shelving – The Shelving Evolution Continues

blueQPFirst there was Quad-Truss®, Eagle’s patented wire shelf design that made shelving 25% stronger than other wire shelves. The next step was Eagle’s Quad-Adjust® patented adjustable shelving, the only shelving design where shelves can be added, adjusted or removed without disassembling the shelving unit.

Now, Eagle has developed QuadPlus, an innovative combination of polymer mats atop a wire truss frame, all interchangeable with your existing Eagle shelving and available with either standard shelf collars or our patented Quad-Adjust collars. Dishwasher safe polymer mats also feature Eagle’s MICROGARD® antimicrobial protection that retards the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on shelf surfaces.

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• Versatile

Perfect for a variety of shelving tasks including cold storage. Mats are polymer so they will never rust. Truss frames are adjustable at 1˝ increments to accommodate polycarbonate containers, stainless steel pans and trays, and boxes.

• Durable

Heavy gauge steel truss frames offer the strength you need in shelving. QuadPlus can hold 800 lbs. per shelf up to 48˝ and 600 lbs. through 72˝ long – evenly distributed.

• Easy to Clean

Dishwasher safe panels are removable for easy cleaning. MICROGARD Antimicrobial protection offers a second line of defense against a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface that can cause stains, odors and degradation.

• Adaptable

QuadPLUS mats are available solid or louvered. Sizes include 18”, 21” and 24” widths.