Eagle Breath Shields – Stay Open, Stay Safe

Eagle Breath Shields add another layer of protection to help maintain social distancing and provide a physical barrier to protect both workers and customers. We offer freestanding portable countertop units, bolted on models and ceiling hung models. Custom sizes and configurations are available to meet your needs.

Freestanding countertop shields offer a lightweight portable barrier that can easily be placed where needed and re-positioned as requirements change. Available with or without pass-through. These shields are a great choice for those areas that may have changing functions as conditions warrant.

Knock-down three-sided shields provide individual safety barriers for customers and staff. Simple tab and lock assembly allows for quick set up and dismantle as dining configurations are adjusted.

Shield divider for tables have panels that interlock to create dividers to section off tables. Available for square, oval, rectangular, and round tables in corresponding sizes and number of dividers.

Ceiling mount shields provide full access to countertops while providing protection to both sides of counter. Ceiling mount units can also be used as partition dividers.

Bolt-on shields are a good option where a more permanent shield is desired. Flexible mounting options allow for wide range of installation.

Clamp-on shields with overhanging clamps attach onto table edge surface. Individual shields can be configured based on layout requirements. Clamps accommodate surfaces from 1” to 1 1/2” thick.

Divider wall extension shields clamp onto standard divider wall to extend protection. Multiple size options available to accommodate a range of divider wall lengths. Custom sizes also available.

Mobile partitions can be used to divide spaces, route traffic flow and provide flexible full height shield options that may be reconfigured and moved as room
layouts and conditions change. Available with full screen, full screen with 2” access hole (for temperature taking) 60” above floor level, and half screen.