Shelf Select™ Design and Layout Service

Shelf Select™ is a free shelving design and layout service from Eagle’s SpecFAB® Division.

You Provide Us With:

  • Dimensions of the available space.
  • Number of shelves needed per unit.
  • Post heights.
  • Indicate stationary, mobile or high density shelving.
  • Additional specific or pertinent storage requirements.

We’ll provide you with the following recommendations:

Plan View:  A plan-view shelving system layout that provides the most efficient utilization of your available space.

Once the plan view is approved, we provide the following:

Elevation View:  A perspective view, illustrating the proposed equipment assembled in the available space.  This detail of how the assembled shelving will appear in the final phase is a great presentation tool which reduces field assembly time when provided to your installer.

Quote:  A quotation, including model numbers, list prices, and shipping weights for all components in the specified job.

Simple email or fax in your request and our trained staff will begin planning, layout and quotation upon receipt. A completed Shelf Select™ custom layout and quotation will be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you within 48 hours.