About Us


Eagle MHC manufactures a wide range of products for material handling, healthcare, life sciences, cleanroom and laboratory industries, including wire shelving and carts, stainless steel worktables, stainless steel cleanroom equipment, stainless steel inset casework, storage and transport for materials management and healthcare, stainless steel sinks, hand sinks, wall shelves and custom fabrication.  Eagle MHC also manufactures a wide range of sink products for the wholesale plumbing industry including hand sinks, drop in sinks, scullery sinks, mop sinks and a wide range of sink accessories.

CustomerServiceCustomer Service

Recognizing that Customer Service is as much about relationships as getting answers and solving problems, we take extra care to ensure that our customers are treated as special.  You’ll receive real-time access to the status of your order and instant order entry and processing – whether it is for inventories, manufacturing schedule, shipping status, or delivery date.  The same goes for a history of your purchases or any other requested information.   Our superior customer service extends throughout our representatives in the field.  Our top priority is ensuring that you, the customer, is happy.  We are all here to make your experience with Eagle Group the very best it can be.


Eagle MHC is represented across the country by independent representatives that are available to assist you and make the process of doing business with Eagle easy.  Supporting our local sales representatives is a framework of highly responsive customer service representatives, the most innovative, versatile and durable equipment available on the market today, a fleet of company-owned trucks, plus ample stocked distribution centers in strategic locations nationwide- which guarantees product availability and delivery.  Together, it adds up to product excellence enhanced by measurable cost savings and value.  We call it The Eagle Advantage™ and you can profit from it.

Eagle employs Pro/ENGINEERING® solid modeling software in developing all of its products.  Utilizing parametric principles, this software enables Eagle to speed up the design process and incorporate the highest degree of quality control into both design and production, resulting in quicker turn around, better quality equipment and lower costs to customers.  The way to be a value-added manufacturer is to invest in equipment that ultimately cuts costs.  That includes having the advanced equipment available that ultimately cuts costs.  That includes having the advanced equipment available for laser metal cutting and forming, punch press operations, and automatic seam welding.  Computer-controlled maching centers perform many functions in just one pass through the machine.  Drawing presses deliver hydraulic pressure to form the deepest seamless sink bowls available anywhere.  Custom-made machinery in our wire shelving operation represents state-of-the-art technology.  Simply stated, every process we utilize is designed and/or purchased to add the best possible value to our products.